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When you begin to notice that your roof is worn out, you may worry whether it is time for a new roof. Sometimes a roof is heavily damaged, but other times all it needs is a few patches to enhance the durability of the problem section. To determine whether you need a roof patch, you need to contact a contractor who has experience in this area. This is where we come in. We are Parker Roofing & Construction and fixing roofs are our specialty. We are here for you and can help you determine whether you need a roof repair or complete replacement. Contact us during our regular business hours to schedule your first appointment. If it is an emergency, you can also take advantage of our 24-hour service. Parker Roofing & Construction can help any customer in Harrisburg, OR, Albany, or another town near our office in Junction City, so if you live in this region, give us a call.

As soon as you speak to your contractor from Parker Roofing & Construction you will know that you have hired the right person for the job. We will arrive at your home ready to work, starting with an inspection of your roof. We will give an honest assessment of the damage, backed by our many years of experience patching and replacing roofs. If a roof patch is the best solution, we will take care of it quickly so you can get back to your busy schedule. If a more extensive solution is needed, such as a new roof, we will provide an estimate and timeframe for you. No matter what the job, you will get the same personalized customer service and care with us at Parker Roofing & Construction.

For excellent quality roofing repairs, contact us at Parker Roofing & Construction. We take care of our customers throughout the overall region, such as those in Harrisburg, Brownsville, and Eugene. Find out more about us today.

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